Cланец камень Цвет — Натуральный сланец индийского происхождения

Slate stone Color India

Slate is a natural stone. It is mainly used as cladding stone and flooring. Especially Slate stone Color has a wide range: from beige, cream, black, copper, green, ocean, gold, rustic and multicolor.

Slate Stone Color

Being a natural stone, it is mined from the earth’s crust in the form of small blocks and then cut into thin tiles. Moreover, these tiles are cut into various conventional sizes. In addition, they are also calibrated to maintain acceptable thickness for ease of installation.

Especially many colors in slate correspond to a single color. While some of them have veining and a mixture of different color patterns. In addition, slate is recommended for walls with a natural surface finish. Whereas Slate Quartzite is a polish finish that is also used for flooring.

We recommend using a good sealant to protect the stone from moisture and dust.


Below are the popular colors of Indian slate.


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